Facultad de Ingeniería
Software Engineering and Robotics
Instituto Tecnológico Superior
Bachiller en Mantenimiento y Procesamiento Informático




Senior Fullstack Engineer - Tech LeadJan 2020 - Present

Developer Hub - Powering the work of thousands of developers

Building the next-gen Developer Hub, the knowledge center that powers the work of thousands of developers in Backbase and our clients. Responsible for creating a unified developer experience, bringing order and coherence to all the knowledge in our company regarding functional and technical documentation.

Built with Gatsby(React) and monorepos using Lerna and Yarn workspaces. The tooling is built on Node(Typescript).

Our infrastructure consists of AWS, Docker,Kubernetes, Github Actions,Jenkins.

Software catalog - Manage all your software, all in one place

It's a centralized catalog that keeps track of our deliverables, libraries, and teams that own them. It's the main source of truth for our ecosystem and the go-to location for every team to see all services that they own and related resources.

We provide discoverability and accountability to teams; no more software hiding in the dark corners of the tech stack.

The backbase software catalog was built on top of using React and Nodejs and Docker

Community and Documentation - Legacy platform

Providing maintenance to our legacy systems and tools used by Technical Writers to generate documentation from Asciidoc.

Built on top of Discourse forums with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails using Engines.

Senior Fullstack Engineer - Team LeadApr 2017 - Jan 2020

FertilityPro - Improving IVF Experiences

Assisted fertility is a key driver for the life of most intended parents, but the regulations turn the process into a cumbersome experience, generating anxiety for parents and a tough environment for nurses and doctors to navigate in.

It's a platform that's designed to minimize patient stress and empower fertility doctors by providing them with the right information at the right time.

It consists of a set of HIPAA compliant multi-tenant applications built with Ruby on Rails and Ember.js and which design leverages behavioral design techniques.

Trama - Connecting entrepreneurs and researchers with investors and talent.

It is a digital platform that connects talents, entrepreneurs, researchers, businessmen, and investors to share their projects and experiences, promoting joint work to promote research and innovation in the country.

PWA built with Next.js (React) and GraphQL with Apollo, Ruby on Rails as a backend.

Adidas - Energy to Suárez

A publicity campaign for the World Cup 2018, consisted of an interactive experience where participants could send their energy to the shoes that were later going to be used by Luis Suarez in the world cup.

Developed the electronics and software needed for the solution; it consisted of lights, sensors, moving parts, and screens synced up to a visual experience.

Senior Fullstack Engineer - Team LeadMar 2015 - Apr 2017

SRVMonitor - ERP Software

Building ERP software for Conaprole, one of the biggest companies in the country.

The software enables the company to manage its thousands of resources and dependencies, it's used for daily planning and control of assets.

Built with PHP, Javascript and .NET

Fullstack Engineer - WebmasterJan 2013 - Jan 2017

FADU - Institutional portal

Maintained the online infrastructure for the university's portals and took part in several internal projects.


Developed FORMA; a platform that allows users to register to courses and evaluate the teachers' performance. It enables the administrators to manage the submissions, schedule new course registrations, and handle the course payments.

Software developed for Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de la República at first but now being used in several other Universities.

Built with PHP and Javascript


Scouts de Uruguay
Jan 2013 - Jan 2017

Group Leader working with kids and teenagers. Image area coordinator at Scouts de Uruguay